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Beat Procrastination with these 3 Steps

We all procrastinate from time to time. In fact, many of us do it a lot! To beat procrastination we have to answer the question: ‘what is procrastination and why do we do it?’ Put simply, procrastination is applied anxiety. We procrastinate when we know...

How to Make the Most of Mock Exams

Mock exams cause a great deal of stress in our students – with many not knowing how much effort they’re worth, or even where to start. In this post, we break down key struggles students face when it comes to mock exams, ways of overcoming them, and give a list of practical strategies to ensure success in mocks and beyond.

How to Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Maths

"I don't have a maths brain" is a phrase we hear often. Below, Inspiration Education tutor Alwyn talks about the misconceptions behind this statement and how this belief can be harmful to a student's learning. I often get told that I “have a maths brain”. Usually it...

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