Premium, one-on-one Science tuition for high school students. 



Personalised, 1-on-1 Science tuition for high school students in Auckland, HamiltonWellington,
 Christchurch, Dunedin and online.

We offer NCEA and IB tuition in Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Our tutors will help your child:


✓ Gain an intuition for scientific concepts 

✓ Write strong scientific reports and analyses

✓ Become fluent in scientific jargon and vocabulary

✓ Get confident attempting problems and answering questions in class 

✓ Excel in their Science assessments with personalised coaching

✓ Understand relevance and importance of
Science to the world around them




How our tutors tackle the Science subjects:


Simplifying Technical Language

Learning Science is like learning a language – it uses a lot of new words that can make it feel alien and confusing.
Our tutors make work closely with your child to draw simple connections between concepts and their definitions, by drawing up creative mnemonics that help to build subject-intuition.

Understanding the relevance

Often, students will struggle in Science because they don’t “get” why it’s important in the first place.
Our tutors will make sure your child understands the wider significance of Science, and how it’s shaped the world they live in today – with practical, relevant examples.

Holistic Understanding

Science isn’t an isolated subject, it has roots in everything from Maths to English and Social Studies.
Our tutors will encourage your child to step back and see how Science connects to the other subjects they’re taking. This gives them the wealth of transferable skills that will improve their knowledge across the board.

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