The IE Method: Fostering Lifelong Learners

Traditional tutoring often focuses more on content than the learning process, leading to a cycle of dependency. At Inspiration Education, we break this cycle, empowering your child to become an independent, lifelong learner. 

    The IE Method: Fostering Lifelong

    Traditional tutoring often focuses more on content than the learning process, leading to a cycle of dependency. 

    Our Approach:

    1. Fosters Autonomy:

    We emphasize teaching the learning process over just delivering content, enabling students to take control of their educational journey.

    2. Encourages Growth:

    We use a holistic approach, considering all aspects of learning. This method helps students overcome barriers and thrive academically.

    3. Provides Tailored Learning:

    Every student is unique, so we create personalized action plans for each one, ensuring meaningful lessons and continuous improvement.

    At IE, our mission is to nurture confident learners who aren’t afraid of making mistakes. Through our “IE Holistic Model of Learning”, we help each child unlock their full potential.

    Choose Inspiration Education for a comprehensive, empowering approach to lifelong learning.

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    “The tutor and our son have built a unique relationship, and they are the only person we know who has the empathy, trust and character to unlock the talent, curiosity, commitment, hard work, and sensibility in our child.”

    – Birgit, Parent, Wellington

    “Very communicative tutor, keeps me (the mother) informed of my son’s progress and the timetable. My son is very happy with the tutoring and feels a lot more confident with his maths.“

    – Michelle, Parent, Maths Tutoring

    “When I started tutoring, I didn’t think I was smart or capable. If I compare where I was then to where I am now is as if I am a completely different person. I was so unmotivated, I didn’t have ambitions, I didn’t have that push that I needed, and tutoring gives you that push. For me, it wasn’t just sitting down with a book in front of me and learning word to word with a tutor, it was actually going at the topic in a different way. With my tutor, if I had that moment of panic in class and feel like I am on a different planet than everyone else in the class, I wouldn’t worry. My tutor made me draw it out, make mental pictures and make up ridiculous songs to remember things. Inspiration Education has raised my standards, my grades, my confidence, my motivation, my view on my potential, it has built me to be more of a risk taker, and more of a ‘do-er’, I am not scared of teachers and homework and numbers and letters together in one equation, now it is a puzzle to solve.”

    Anna, Year 13 Student, Wellington

    “My son found his tutor highly compatible and adaptable to his needs. A range of subjects were covered and the progress he made in these sessions made him query why he wasn’t learning at the same speed at school. I highly recommend IE to any parent.“

    – Sarah, Parent, Palmerston North

    “Inspiration Education has provided a great grounding for our boys and increased their confidence considerably. Nothing beats one on one tutoring!“

    – Darrin, Parent, Wellington


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    Of our students achieve NCEA with a Merit or Excellence endorsement


    “IE tutoring was founded for the student who isn’t getting the attention they deserve in class, or the student who has given up on school, or for the student who dares to dream.

    At Inspiration Education we’re driven by genuine care for every high school student. Our tutors are devoted to helping students develop the learning skills, attitude, and drive it takes for them to realise their potential. We want them to understand and apply the knowledge to not just excel in examinations, but become people we’re proud of and that will make the world a better place.”

    – William Guzzo, Managing Director at Inspiration Education

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