The Inspiration Education Method

Our tutoring balances the needs of the whole child. 

At Inspiration Education, we approach lifelong learning with our Holistic Model of Learning. Every child deserves to shape his or her own future—through our approach, we aspire to deliver tools, skills, and confidence to empower. And, we approach each child as an individual—which lets us tailor our program to his or her specific needs.

A model for each child and every challenge

Our holistic model considers every aspect of student success, from attitudes and self-confidence to individual learning strategies. We’ve developed our model using the latest research from psychology, education, human behavior, and business coaching. It works—for every child and for every challenge.

Building lifelong learners

Though we’re focused on helping our tutoring students succeed in their exams, we’re also keen on the bigger picture. After all, we believe in building lifelong learners. That’s why we spend our first session creating an action plan for your child—and your child alone. We’re able determine exactly where your child needs help to succeed. Then, assessments given to students at the start of tutoring and at the end of the year help us track progress—and keep us accountable for our promises.

Empowering students

We want our students to be assertive, confident, and not afraid to make mistakes. We also want them to develop resilience and envision what future success looks like. Every child deserves a champion, someone who can open his or her eyes to the possibilities ahead. We’d like to be yours. Our unique approach to learning is how we make it happen.

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