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Why online tutoring?


Greater availability

Online tutoring provides flexibility to those with busy schedules. Sessions can take place during time-slots where face-to-face tutoring would not be possible, such as in the late evening. Also with travel time out of the question, both student and tutor are afforded more free time to get on with other stuff!

Flexible billing options

Without the extraneous costs of time and travel, customers are able to opt for shorter sessions than traditional tutoring, which can be charged to the nearest 15 minute block. Students can receive tutoring for as long as they need, and simply end the session when they’re satisfied with what they’ve learned.

Exclusive digital resources

Online tutoring allows for a range of digital classroom possibilities – a collaborative whiteboard, seamless file-sharing, screen-sharing capabilities, videos and more. Once the lesson has finished, the student can receive a recorded copy of their lesson and retrace their exact steps if they get stuck again. The result is an interactive and diverse learning experience for both tutor and student.


Immediate help has never been so easy. If the student is facing an upcoming exam or deadline, or just wants a quick-fix on a tricky subject, they can simply pick up the phone and arrange a session on the spot.

Here is an example of an online lesson in action:

Online tuition packages and pricing:

Online tutoring with Inspiration Education works just like our typical service, except instead of meeting in person, tutors will conduct their sessions over our secure video conferencing service. 

After receiving an enquiry, we will carry out a consultation process to match your child with the right tutor to best support their academic needs. From there, you will be put in direct contact with the tutor to arrange the sessions on a half hour or hourly basis. Sessions can be arranged at any time, provided both tutor and student are available, and the tutor is given due notice to prepare for the session.


Of our students achieve NCEA with a merit or excellence endorsement


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