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Every child deserves the right support to reach their goals. Here in Christchurch, we offer expert tutoring  in NCEA, CIE, Year 9-10 and University education systems.

While Christchurch is one of our smaller regions, we are lucky to have a strong team of tight-knit, dedicated individuals who each bring their own unique zeal to the tutoring experience. Our Christchurch tutors are dedicated to providing the best academic support possible to their students. With one of them backing your child, you’ll see dramatic improvements in both personal confidence and academic ability within weeks. 

Here’s How:

Tailored coaching:

At Inspiration Education, we believe in the power of potential. We also believe there’s no such thing as one way to teach, or learn for that matter. That’s why we implement a careful consultation process to ensure every student is matched with the right tutor for them. For every child, and every challenge, we have someone who can help.

Big picture learning:

At Inspiration Education, we’re interested in the big picture. Our teaching method goes beyond improving grades, instead getting to the root of whatever may be hindering the student’s potential. Whether it’s ineffective studying methods, or a lack of confidence in one’s own abilities, we work closely with the student to cultivate a renewed passion for education, providing them with a wealth of thinking skills that they can apply anywhere.

Knowing the system:

We cater directly to New Zealand schooling curriculums. With impressive academic backgrounds in engineering, business, science and humanities, every member of the team has unique strengths to offer while bringing their own fresh teaching approach to the table. Lessons take place at the University of Canterbury library, chosen for its academic atmosphere and central location.

Tutors who “get it”:

Our Christchurch team are particularly attuned to their community, and as many are alumni students themselves, they have a keen understanding of local schooling systems. They’re bright, young and keen to make a difference.


Of our students achieve NCEA with a merit or excellence endorsement


Of our customers would recommend us to a friend

“Matt was an awesome match for Hamish and we plan on getting back to tutoring with him early in the year next year.”


Parent, Christchurch

“Great match of tutor with Pippa. Her tutor had heaps of good knowledge about the subjects and the scaffolding of knowledge Pippa needed in order that she gained a good understanding.”


Parent, Christchurch

Our Christchurch tutors operate at the University of Canterbury Library, or from libraries around the Riccarton and Fendalton areas*.

Lessons are 55 minutes long and are always one-on-one with one of our tutors.
Alternate arrangements can be made if needed, however, we find that the library is the best location for learning.

UC Library

Fendalton Library

Upper Riccarton Library

*Limited subject availability, please enquire to find out more.

Opening Hours

Lessons usually take place between the following times:

Monday – Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5pm

We are also able to do other appointment times upon request.

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