Premium, one-on-one high school tuition for Accounting, Economics, Technology and more. 




Personalised, 1-on-1 tuition for high school students in Auckland, HamiltonWellington,
 Christchurch, Dunedin and online.


Our tutors will help your child:


✓ Develop powerful writing and persuasion skills

✓ Practice effective study strategy, and self-management skills

✓ Understand the wider field of their study, and how it serves society 

✓ Uncover the interesting and worthwhile aspects of the subject 

✓ Build a sense of literacy in “jargon-heavy” subjects

✓ Connect the dots between their subjects and the world around them

✓ Know how to stick to the marking rubric, and answer questions at a Merit or Excellence level

✓ Develop fluency and structure in their arguments

✓ Excel in assessments with personalised coaching

✓ Understand the subject’s relevance to the world around them



How our tutors tackle these subjects:

The technical

Accounting, Business Studies, Digital technology and Psychology are often jargon-heavy, which can be daunting. Tutors in these subjects help your child to build up a basic subject literacy, and our tutor training implements tested techniques to make this an easy and enjoyable process.


Connecting the dots

Whatever subject they’re studying, it’s important that students know how the different concepts are connected to each other across subjects and society. Our model of learning helps students to get an “intuition” about these relationships – tapping into the critical thinking skills required for Excellence-level answers.


Writing subjects

There are lots of writing-heavy subjects at high school. In History, Media Studies and Classics, students are expected to create powerful arguments in written form. Our will help your child to develop fluency and structure in their essays, through practice; alternative learning techniques; and open questioning and inquiry. There is no “shortcut” to developing these skills – it takes ongoing practice. But our team will help your child to develop these critical assets – which will continue to serve them long after high school is over.

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