Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our children are our future—we champion their success with our whole hearts.


Our vision is to empower young people to shape their own futures through education.


Our goal is to lift young people over their educational obstacles by giving them powerful tools. We use a holistic approach and individualized coaching to develop passionate and successful learners.

Our Core Values

Tutoring is an investment — in your child and in the future. That’s why we offer each of our families our very best.



Students deserve commitment and reliability — and we deliver both.



We believe in teaching responsibility—in life, real growth comes from taking ownership for your own successes and failures. We expect our tutors to model maturity for students by both taking responsibility for students’ success as well as showing students how they can begin to do so themselves.


Adaptability and empathy

Every child is different, and every child learns differently. We believe effective learning partnerships are built on trust and empatghy, which is why we tailor our approach to each child. We also believe in educational opportunity for everyone, regardless of background.



Knowledge is power. That’s why we’re passionate about its pursuit. All our teaching and learning techniques are proven and evidence-based.



We understand the value of transparency and openness, from enquiry to ongoing lessons. Knowledge is nothing without true and effective communication.



It takes a village to raise a child. After all, learning is a complex event that involves students, teachers, families, and the wider community. We’re committed to fostering relationships at the individual and community levels in support of brighter futures.


Life is a journey. At Inspiration Education, we believe in continual self-reflection and self-improvement. We’re committed to providing students, families, and our communities true partnership for the greater good.

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