Our Vision, Mission and Values

At Inspiration Education, we believe in the potential of every student. Our programme champions critical thinking, self-empowerment and lifelong learning.


A world where every learner is liberated through their own education. 


To equip students with the tools to take control of their own learning with creativity, autonomy, independence, curiosity, resilience and imagination. 

Our Core Values



When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment to a common goal, anything is possible. We strive to model personal responsibility and long term commitment in all of our operations. It is this commitment that drives the quality of our service and our company vision.



Behind every student’s growth at school is human connection. Our tutors consistently make the effort to listen to their students, and amplify their voice in the learning process. Empathy, compassion and understanding are also central to our interactions with our parents, caregivers and families.



We don’t just talk the talk. All of our teaching and learning techniques are evidence-based, and drawn from a wide range of research areas. Our team is consistently learning new ways of imparting knowledge and skills, and regularly up-skilling through the professional development we offer. 



For us, excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey. We are always reflecting, improving, and striving for a better future.  We’re devoted to providing students, families and our communities ongoing support for the greater good.

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