Premium, one-on-one Maths tuition for high school students. 




Personalised, 1-on-1 tuition for high school students in Auckland, HamiltonWellington,
 Christchurch, Dunedin and online.

Learning Maths at high school is an entirely different ball-game to Primary school or Intermediate.

Learn about how our tutors make Maths an easy, rewarding and worthwhile subject for their students:


Our tutors will:


✓ Make sure your child truly understands the processes of problem-solving

✓ Fill gaps in your child’s knowledge from previous years

✓ Teach how to answer NCEA specific Maths questions

✓ Help your child develop a strong intuition for Maths subjects

✓ Supervise assessments and study with qualified support

✓ Simplify complicated Maths jargon into easy definitions

✓ Break complex problems into manageable challenges 



How our tutors tackle Maths:

Understanding the process

A lot of the time students will memorise examples they’re taught in class without really understanding them. When this happens, our tutors will sit down and break the equation down to its most basic steps, making your child understands every action taken. This allows them to see the outcome – but more importantly, the process – meaning they can apply the same problem-solving skills to new contexts.

Supervised practice

Classrooms are fast-paced environments, and so it’s inevitable that sometimes students will miss key concepts. In these cases, your child requires undivided patience and support to fill the gaps in their knowledge. With a tutor from our team, your child will be able to practice supervised Maths problems with someone who knows the answers: giving them the personalised support that they’re missing in the classroom.  


Supporting the Jump

Many Maths students get a big shock when they make the jump to from NCEA Level 1 to Level 2 because it’s such a big transition. Our tutors know the ins-and-outs of NCEA, and also the subject requirements at every level. They’ll show your child exactly how Level 2 evolves from Level 1, what sort of knowledge teachers expect from you, and use their existing knowledge to develop more advanced understandings.


Algebra Fluency

Algebra can be extremely confusing, because for many students it’s an entirely new “species” of Maths they’ve never encountered before. Because of this, students can become so put off by the subject that they disengage. Our tutors will re-contextualise Algebra, and show how its laws are used in everyday problems. This will help your child to build an “Algebraic mind”, which is especially important for solving complex problems.

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