Inspiration Education builds ambition for life.

We do more than just improve grades.

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Inspiration Education Students:

Learn how to learn

We teach to the tool, not the test. Our students emerge as confident individuals who know how to study and learn independently.

Find the key to better grades

We work out what makes our students tick, and harness that motivation to help students achieve their dream results.

Gain a big-picture understanding

Learning becomes more meaningful and deliberate when students understand how their subjects relate to themselves and their world.

Become self-empowered individuals

Inspiration Education students demonstrate high levels of personal growth, and develop critical thinking skills that will help them to thrive in tomorrow’s world. 

Our tutors are trusted employees.

Every Inspiration Education tutor in New Zealand is handpicked, trained and managed by us. We host regular development programmes to ensure every member is thoroughly qualified to tutor in their subject area. They’re bright, young and passionate about education.

We’re not like other tutoring companies.

Here’s why.


Our tutors are committed.

Long-term success takes time and understanding. Our tutors will stick with your child throughout their journey – acting as both mentor and educator.


Our parents follow their child’s progress with ease.

Our system makes monitoring progress easy, and we’ll make sure your family is kept in the loop with regular, specific updates on how your child is doing.


Our students work in resource-rich environments.

We meet students in the public library, which helps to maintain privacy at home, and gives students access to unlimited resources.




Our tutors give subject-specific support.

Our tutors are adept in a range of NCEA and IB subjects. They know exactly what it takes to get a Merit or Excellence grade in their area, and can help your child get there too. 

Hear what other parents say about our high school tutoring services:

“Excellent feedback, communication, people management, a real desire to help the child enrolled.“

– SARAH, Parent, English Tutoring

“Very communicative tutor, keeps me (the mother) informed of my son’s progress and the timetable. My son is very happy with the tutoring and feels a lot more confident with his maths.“

– MICHELLE, Parent, Maths Tutoring

“Jacob has done amazingly with Sam. Makes the tutoring fun and easy to learn. Has been the best thing I could have done for Sam.“

– CHERIE, Parent, Science Tutoring

“From the very first lesson, Luke was ‘inspired to learn’.“

– LISA, Parent, Palmerston North

“My son found his tutor highly compatible and adaptable to his needs. A range of subjects were covered and the progress he made in these sessions made him query why he wasn’t learning at the same speed at school. I highly recommend IE to any parent.“

– SARAH, Parent, Palmerston North

“Inspiration Education has provided a great grounding for our boys and increased their confidence considerably. Nothing beats one on one tutoring!“

– DARRIN, Parent, Wellington

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The Inspiration Education Holistic Model of Learning

At Inspiration Education, we’ve developed our own learning model to ensure academic success across the board.

This model is designed to tackle barriers in every area of a student’s learning – from their discipline and outlook (time management, organisation, concentration) to their basic subject knowledge (concepts, skills, context, relevance, strategy) – and everything in between.

The model is based off the latest educational psychology research, and has seen our students’ success time and time again.

Our goal is not to simply to help young people get better grades. Our programme helps students become confident, self-aware, resilient, determined, strategic and curious learners.

Every young person deserves someone to show them the scope of their potential. Our tutors simply know how to do it best. 

Invest in your teen's future.

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