Inspiration Education gives students learning strategies for life.

We do more than help high school students pass their exams.

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Inspiration Education Students:

Learn how to learn

We equip students with practical, realistic advice and skills to make learning easier and more effective.

Find the key to better grades

Students experience new ways to think and study, valuing what they learn and coming away confident of their abilities.

Gain a big picture understanding

Learning becomes more personal and substantial when students understand how academic subjects relate to themselves and their world.

Become self-empowered individuals

Inspiration Education students show a high level of personal and educational growth that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Our tutors care about your child’s future.

We simply love what we do. All of our tutors are regular employees, not independent contractors. We regularly develop our team’s competencies so that each member has the skills they need to bring out your child’s potential.

Here’s how we do it:

Choose Great People

Our tutors love to teach. They are confident university students and young professionals, who remember what it’s like to be a student.

Provide Initial and Ongoing Training

Tutors train in-house for 20 – 25 hours per year, the most of any tutoring company in New Zealand.


Consistent Communication

Tutors check in with management weekly to receive advice and quality assurance for their tutoring. No other company does this.

Our tutors are trained to assess and help high school students develop traits for lifelong success.

They are young, confident, and remember what it’s like to be a student.

Here are more ways that Inspiration Education makes it easy to get tutoring that meets your needs:


Choose an affordable monthly tutoring plan

Find a flexible package that fits your schedule and budget. We offer pre-priced and customised options so your child can get the right level of support for his or her learning needs. We are now also offering exam-tailored packages set to begin in Term Four. Sign up anytime.


Learn in a resource-rich environment

We meet students in Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin public libraries. Meeting in the library maintains your privacy at home and grants your child access to unlimited resources.


Keep connected with tutors and follow your child’s progress

Parents and students can log in to MyTutoring to organise tutoring sessions, communicate with tutors and receive progress reports and feedback.


Get subject-specific support for the NCEA and IB curricula

While teaching to tests isn’t all that we’re about, our tutors instruct for NCEA Levels 1 to 3 and the International Baccalaureate syllabi so students can follow the course of their dreams. They are also experts in exams, and know everything it takes to reach a Merit or Excellence grade.

Hear what other parents say about our high school tutoring services:

“Excellent feedback, communication, people management, a real desire to help the child enrolled.“

– SARAH, Parent, English Tutoring

“Very communicative tutor, keeps me (the mother) informed of my son’s progress and the timetable. My son is very happy with the tutoring and feels a lot more confident with his maths.“

– MICHELLE, Parent, Maths Tutoring

“Jacob has done amazingly with Sam. Makes the tutoring fun and easy to learn. Has been the best thing I could have done for Sam.“

– CHERIE, Parent, Science Tutoring

“From the very first lesson, Luke was ‘inspired to learn’.“

– LISA, Parent, Palmerston North

“My son found his tutor highly compatible and adaptable to his needs. A range of subjects were covered and the progress he made in these sessions made him query why he wasn’t learning at the same speed at school. I highly recommend IE to any parent.“

– SARAH, Parent, Palmerston North

“Inspiration Education has provided a great grounding for our boys and increased their confidence considerably. Nothing beats one on one tutoring!“

– DARRIN, Parent, Wellington

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The Inspiration Education Holistic Model of Learning

At Inspiration Education, we use a completely unique method called the Inspiration Education Holistic Model of Learning. The method is designed to target every aspect of why a student may not succeed in learning – and has been developed in accordance with the latest research from multiple branches of psychology, education, human behaviour and business studies.


From the moment you enrol in our service

Our goal is to ensure holistic development in every area of your child’s learning. We spend time at the beginning making a individualised profile for the student, as well as an action plan addressing where they need development. Assessments given to students at the start of tutoring and at the end of the year help us to track students holistic progress as a self-empowered learner. Plus, it keeps us accountable for our promises.


We want our students to be assertive

Confident, unafraid of mistakes, self-aware, resilient, determined and knowledgeable. Every young person deserves a champion, someone who can help them to see the breadth of their potential. Our tutors can be that champion for your child.

Invest in your child's future. Contact us to discuss how Inspiration Education can prepare your child to succeed.

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