We give our students a game changing education.


  • Revamp your teen’s academic performance and mindset.
  • Equip your child with strategies for school and life.
  • High-achieving and empathetic tutors who excel and undergo continuous training.
  • Handpicked tutors for your child’s unique needs and personality.

We give our students a game changing education.


  • Revamp your teen’s academic performance and mindset.
  • Equip your child with strategies for school and life.
  • High-achieving and empathetic tutors who excel and undergo continuous training.
  • Handpicked tutors for your child’s unique needs and personality.


Why do families choose Inspiration Education?


We look at all the areas that might be holding your child back at school and equip them with strategies to overcome these.

Each member of our tutoring team have gone through at least 25 hours of in-house training, and receive regular coaching, feedback, and support.

We’re experts at connecting with young people, and we break things down on your child’s level.

You’ll get targeted feedback after every lesson.

Our success rate says it all — 82.35% of our NCEA students endorse with merit or excellence and 98.2% of customers recommend us to a friend.


Of our customers would recommend us to a friend


Of our students achieve NCEA with a Merit or Excellence endorsement

Quick & easy setup.

Our head office will take care of the admin, so that there’s less work for you. 

Learn how to learn.

We equip students with practical, realistic advice and skills to make learning easier and more effective. 

Find the key to better grades.

Students experience new ways to think and study so they value what they learn and come away confident of their abilities.

Gain a big picture understanding.

Learning becomes more personal and substantial when students understand how academic subjects relate to themselves and their world.

Become self-empowered individuals.

Inspiration Education students show a high level of personal and educational growth that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Weekly progress reports.

You’ll receive transparent evidence on exactly how your investment is paying off each week.

Trial our tutoring service by booking in a risk-free lesson.

We want to make sure we’re the best fit for you or your child. For this reason, we offer the first lesson risk-free, with no obligation to commit if you are unhappy with our service. Tell us more about your needs and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Still not sure?

 If you’re not sure about tutoring, then that’s completely normal. Tutoring can seem scary, it’s a significant investment, and you may not be fully sure about what to expect.

“I’ll wait until my child is struggling more”

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“I’ll wait until my child is struggling more”

Why fix something if it’s not broken? It’s important to understand that tutoring is not only a way to address difficulties but also a way of enhancing your child’s learning. By waiting until your child is truly struggling you might inadvertently be setting them up for more difficulties later on. Once students fall behind, they can quickly begin to lose confidence in their abilities, thereby creating a sense of discouragement and apprehension toward learning.

Tutoring can be an effective tool for fostering your child’s abilities and giving them a chance to explore their academic capabilities. Having a tutor to guide them can help students grasp complex concepts, improve their study habits, and develop their critical thinking skills which will set them up with the best possible tools to tackle any learning challenges that come their way.

“Tutoring might not be for my child”

Every student has a unique learning style, pace, and preferences. Due to this, many students struggle to learn in a classroom environment where the teaching is delivered on a one-size-fits-all basis. Our tutoring services are designed to be customised to your child’s exact needs and learning style, allowing students to learn in the way that is most effective for them.

Our tutors help students who are struggling to understand concepts better by explaining them in a personalised way that suits their unique learning style. This will help to build the student’s confidence and make learning a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. Tutoring can also be highly effective for students who are already academically successful as getting personalised assistance can help enhance their understanding of challenging topics and prepare them for advanced coursework.

“Will this actually help my child?”

Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of private tutoring and these all show that tutoring can significantly enhance a student’s academic performance, self-esteem, and attitude towards learning. Tutoring sessions provide a safe space for your child to ask questions, understand concepts at their own pace, and receive immediate feedback.

The effectiveness of tutoring is vastly dependent on finding the right tutor for your child who aligns with their unique learning style. At Inspiration Education, we handpick a tutor for your child based on their personality, interests, and goals to make sure we provide the best possible learning experience that is tailored to their individual needs.

“How will I know the tutoring is working?”

Measuring the effectiveness of tutoring isn’t just confined to seeing an improvement in your child’s grades.

Here are some of the signs of progress to look out for:

  • Better grades
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved study habits
  • A more positive attitude towards learning
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills

Our tutors will send you regular progress reports after each lesson. These will cover the specific topics that your child worked on in their lesson as well as highlight any areas of improvement and concepts they mastered during the session. Our tutors will also work on setting learning goals with the student during their first lesson to make sure they know exactly what the student wants achieve throughout the lessons.

“Committing to regular tutoring is expensive”

Tutoring can be a big commitment financially, but when you consider the many benefits it can offer this becomes a worthwhile investment into your child’s future. Beyond immediate academic improvement, tutoring can also empower your child with lifelong learning skills, confidence, and a proactive approach to education. These are all invaluable qualities that often translate to success in many areas of their life, both now and in the future.

We endeavour to make tutoring as accessible as possible for students by providing several different lesson packages to choose from. This allows you to choose how many lessons you would like to purchase in one go and which payment option would work best for you. We are happy to offer advice on which option would be best suited to your unique needs.

“I’m not sure about your tutors – are they relatable? Are they professional? Do they know what they are doing?”

Trust in your child’s tutor is paramount when choosing a tutoring service. At Inspiration Education we pride ourselves on the high standard of tutoring we offer. Our training programme for tutors is one of the most rigorous in the country and our tutors undergo several assessments to make sure they are able to tutor students to the highest possible standard.

Our tutors are all trained in adapting their teaching approach to each student’s unique learning style as well as fostering their passion for the subject they are working on. Our approach helps students not only achieve the best possible grades but also nurtures their love of learning, empowering them to excel at school and setting them up for a lifetime of success.

Hear what other parents say about our high school tutoring services:

We have used Inspiration Education for a couple of years now for both our son’s. We love the tutors we have been assigned, they are young and really clicked with our boys, they both gave great study advice as well as prepared the boys for NCEA LEVELS 1 – 3. We are really pleased with the boys results. We have gained so much more than great exam results, we have also gained a greater work ethic. I highly recommend Inspiration Education. – Joe, Parent

Inspiration Education is worth every penny if NCEA success is what your student covets. Two years with IE, during which a single tutor delivered just one lesson/week covering different math & science subjects, and my son’s results were literally ‘excellent’. End result, he really learned how ‘play the NCEA game’, had impressive understanding of subject material and scored an amazing scholarship to his tertiary of choice.

– Ray, Parent

Our first lesson promise

If you’re still not sure, your first strategy session with your tutor will be risk-free, so that you can trial our service before going ahead.