Palmerston North Tutor

Katherine is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in plant science and genetics, after initially studying a range of topics at university – from psychology, sociology and anthropology to chemistry, physics and statistics. She is interested in all kinds of subjects, and received endorsements in the sciences to level 3, English, calculus, and art (painting). She received Top Scholar in Science in the 2012 NZQA Scholarship Examinations. Katherine is currently available to tutor biology, English, and general science up to Level 3, as well as mathematics and physics to Level 2.

Katherine is good at explaining subjects which a student might not find a natural affinity for initially. She tries to draw on the strengths students have in other subjects (for example art, drama or PE) to help build skills in subjects which are difficult. She enjoys trying a range of angles to get into a subject, break it down and make it accessible to every student. She uses metaphors, diagrams, and lots and lots of questions to break down concepts and techniques, and build up knowledge. One of her favourite activities is taking a physics or maths concept and explaining it in a way that a creative, English-loving student can relate to, and vice versa.

Katherine enjoys one-on-one tutoring because it allows a student to receive focused, tailored, individual attention and feedback they might not receive in class. She believes this can really build confidence and enjoyment in a topic. She has a strong focus on ensuring students have a solid foundation without gaps, so that they don’t feel lost in class and incapable of “keeping up”. She encourages students to ask questions.

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