Palmerston North Tutor

Bayley is a first-year university student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in political science at Massey University. He is passionate about English-rich subjects that require critical analysis and thoughtful interpretation, and how these studies can bring out personal voice. He is able to tutor Business Studies, Economics and English to NCEA level three as well as Level Three Mathematics with Statistics.

Bayley enjoys getting to know students personally in one-one encounters. He recognises that it can be difficult to keep up in a classroom with many other people who each have different needs, interests and strengths. He takes the time to identify the unique characteristics of each student so a more personalised and effective form of education can be delivered. Bayley also enjoys discussing topics of social, political and economic interests as it engages critical thought; opening new perspectives about the wider world for both the student and mentor. Learning is a two-way process between student and mentor, and he always enjoys hearing what others have to say. Bayley likes to examine, break down and simplify exam questions, assessment specifications and problems so they can be more easily understood.

He understands that it can be quite daunting beginning a response to a question or being introduced to a new assessment with unfamiliar terminology. This can make it difficult to properly comprehend the essential concepts within the topic. However, this can be overcome by dedicating time to understand what the standard or marker is asking for, and making the instructions less ‘teacher-like’ and more ‘student-friendly.’

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