Palmerston North Tutor

Alwyn has just finished two undergraduate degrees at Massey University, a BSc in mathematics and a BA in classical studies. He also has a strong background in the sciences, gaining excellence endorsements in physics, chemistry and statistics, as well as two NCEA scholarships. Alwyn is currently available to tutor maths, physics, chemistry and classical studies up to Level 3, and biology at Level 1. Alwyn is good at helping students to build confidence, both in a subject and in their own abilities. He enjoys explaining the concepts behind equations, giving students a more ‘narrative’ approach to solving problems than just plugging the numbers in and hoping for the best. He tries to use explanations and analogies that are tailored to the student, drawing from subjects or hobbies they enjoy in order to sustain and foster interest. Alwyn thinks one-on-one tutoring is great because it allows a student to get assistance in precisely the areas they require it, whether it be fixing gaps in foundational areas or understanding what is required to turn a Merit into an Excellence. It also allows lessons to go at the pace the student needs, where difficult concepts can be thoroughly explored and discussed before moving on.

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