Christchurch Tutor

Zoe is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury. She enjoys the challenging nature of the degree and being able to apply problem-solving skills to real-life applications.

In her spare time, Zoe loves to spend time in the outdoors, especially tramping and skiing.

Zoe is passionate about education, and through tutoring she hopes to share knowledge to help students reach their goals. Beyond this, she aims to give students a self-motivated desire to expand their knowledge.

For Zoe, an ideal tutoring session would be one where the student is actively engaged in the content they are learning and feels supported in their learning journey. Zoe understands that each student is unique will adjust her tutoring style to each individual student in order to communicate content to each student in the most effective way possible.

Zoe is able to tutor Physics, Chemistry, Science, Maths (Calculus and Statistics) and Accounting.

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