Auckland Tutor

Zoe is currently in a conjoint bachelors program studying Law and Commerce at the University of Auckland. Zoe’s past experiences with tutoring in high school with people of varying abilities, ages and confidence levels make her an adaptable tutor who loves to see people grow through learning. She is able to tutor up to NCEA level 2 Calculus, Economics and Accounting up to level 3 and English and Media Studies up to NZ Scholarship level. Zoe loves to share her passion for literacy based subjects and economics, and gets the most out of seeing the love of those subjects take hold within her students.

Zoe enjoys the real-life application of economics in particular, and loves learning about the world through the eyes of a film director. Zoe prefers to break things right down to their foundations before building them back up through logical connections, as she believes this makes it easier for a student to understand the connections within the topic, but also its wider world applications. Some of the most memorable moments in someone’s educational career is when they achieve their goals, and so Zoe is committed to ensuring her students experience this success. Zoe is committed to creating a supportive environment for her students, and understands the courage it takes to choose tutoring.

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