Samantha B

Auckland Tutor

Samantha is currently working towards her Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology and Chemistry at the University of Auckland. In high school, Samantha had experience with tutoring, as well as leading an AKO group which connected students across different year levels and encouraged peer mentoring. She is able to tutor in NCEA Chemistry and Biology, and she can tutor English to a scholarship level. Samantha conducted her own research study in 2019 which aimed to reduce stress and anxiety in students, so she is extremely passionate about making education as stress-free and accessible as possible. She applies this to her tutoring, as she understands that everyone learns differently, and she adapts her lessons according to each student and subject.

For Samantha, education is empowering, and it allows students to shape their own future, taking themselves wherever they want to go. Samantha is committed to helping others to achieve their goals. She understands that everyone learns best in different ways and has formed different learning techniques to assist students, focusing on time management and exam strategies as well as content-based learning. She has personal experience with receiving tutoring, and she knows how disheartening it can be when someone doesn’t understand a subject, as well as the courage that it takes to choose tutoring.

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