Auckland Tutor

Laura is in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Advanced Science (honours), majoring in Microbiology. She enjoys learning about the scientific world and applying this in a wider context. Through this, it has inspired a desire to share this knowledge. Helping teach and encourage those who want to learn more about science and create the same love for the subject as she does. Laura is able to tutor Biology, Chemistry, Geography and English.

Laura approaches teaching through easy to understand diagrams and visual representation. She knows subjects like biology and chemistry can be tricky at times to wrap your head around. She believes by breaking the subject down and building the knowledge up from the ground with a solid foundation can lead to great success. Laura tries to help students understand they can succeed in any subject, it’s about applying motivation to what you’re doing and breaking the content into ‘bite-sized’ pieces of information, making it easier to comprehend.

She believes that tutors are there to help with what you’re learning but also equip you with a tool-box of studying and real-life skills to take with you outside of high school.

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