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Emma is a second year student studying Health Sciences and Commerce at the University of Auckland. Emma is enjoying her studies as it encourages her to think critically and view the world through a different lens. 

Emma is passionate about utilising scientific concepts to rectify global issues and hopes that her career will encapsulate this mode of creative and interdisciplinary thinking. She hopes to pursue a career that focuses on health economics or healthcare technology. Emma strongly believes in a holistic approach to education, where she recognises the importance and influence of multiple factors that contribute towards a student’s learning journey. 

Aspiring to be perceived as a mentor to her students, Emma would not only focus on content but would offer insight into study skills, time-management and exhibiting a growth mindset. The ability to create positive change and make a tangible difference in the education of others is a key aspect that draws Emma to tutoring. Outside of her studies, Emma enjoys playing tennis, running and cooking. She recognises the importance of pursuing a balanced lifestyle and encourages self-reflection and resilience within her approach to tutoring. 

Emma undertook the IB Diploma in her final two years of school but also completed NCEA Level 1 in Year 11, so has an understanding of both pathways. Having completed high school in 2019, both IB and NCEA are fresh to her mind. Emma can teach Accounting, Business Studies, Chemistry, English, Economics, French, Maths and Science.

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