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Angeli is currently in her second year pursuing a Bachelor of Optometry as a graduate student after completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology. She enjoys her degree’s clinical and scientific aspects as it allows her to apply what she’s learnt to real-life scenarios, and she has a genuine passion for health inequities. Angeli’s enjoyment of the sciences, particularly chemistry, and statistics, has been prevalent throughout her time studying, and she finds it essential to share this knowledge with those who need it.

Angeli can tutor in NCEA English, Chemistry, and Statistics. Angeli wants to help students find their inner drive to want to do better in whatever subject they may need tutoring in. She understands that every student is different and, therefore, how they learn will be different. She also recognises that the opportunity for education is vital to open new opportunities for the future and therefore values the role of tutoring immensely.

Angeli aims to provide a safe and comfortable space for students when tutoring so they can maximise what they get out of each lesson, find motivations and discover interests within these subjects as well. Angeli likes to explore subjects visually with students to reinforce the information being taught. This could be presented through diagrams, videos, and mind maps. She finds it important to initially go over core concepts to ensure basic principles have been covered before moving on to more complex areas within the subject. These basic principles include key terms within the subject that are easy to miss in class.

Angeli believes tutoring can be significant in a student’s life to further shape the way they live their lives and allow for meaningful self-improvement. Angeli understands that a typical school environment can be challenging to progress within academia without additional help. A solid mindset and study habits are essential for improvement, and she can aid in achieving that.

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