Wellington Tutor

Thomas is in his 3rd year at Victoria University of Wellington. He studies history, classics, and mathematics. He enjoys studying this diverse range of subjects because they give him opportunities to think about problems in lots of different ways. Thomas can tutor English, History, Calculus, Physics, Statistics, and Classics at any level, including scholarship.

In his spare time, Thomas likes solving maths problems, crosswords, and any other puzzles or games he comes across. His puzzling interests extend to trivia and quizzing (although he has yet to win a quiz). Thomas is also interested in current events and politics. Thomas believes that learning is most interesting when it is about big-picture concepts and understanding how bits of knowledge fit together.

Equally, though, Thomas believes that details and examples are an important part of adding colour to learning, and that balancing big picture concepts with examples and specifics is an important part of his job as a tutor. More than anything, Thomas believes that asking questions to understand this big picture is a crucial part of learning and prioritises creating a supporting learning environment where students can voice questions comfortably. He finds that students get much more out of learning that is tailored to them and enjoys being able to do this in his one-on-one tutoring.

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