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Thomas is in his first year of a Bachelor of Arts studying History and Mathematics. He loves the opportunity to think from all sorts of different angles when studying these subjects, and inspiring others to get excited about them too. Thomas can tutor English, History, Physics and Mathematics (both statistics and calculus) up to level 3.In his free time, Thomas enjoys getting involved in Wellington debating and keeping up with politics and current affairs.

Thomas thinks that one-on-one tutoring provides a much better ability to get to know his students and their learning preferences than in a whole-class setting. He also appreciates that one-on-one lets him get real-time feedback from his students and tailor his explanations to find something that makes the concept “click.” Thomas believes that understanding the big picture background of why something works the way it does is critical to understanding the subject and is much more satisfying than just being able to use a formula correctly.

He believes passion is an essential part of a good tutor and hopes this passion rubs off onto his students. Most importantly Thomas believes that learning is wholistic and is more than happy to chat about anything to help make learning as smooth a process as possible.

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