Wellington Tutor

Sean is studying Mathematics and Economics at Victoria University of Wellington. He has aspirations of one day working in the public sector where he aims to use his analytical skills to help improve the lives of everyday New Zealanders. Sean enjoys looking at the bigger picture and assessing problems in context. He believes that the key to academic success is to understand both what concepts mean individually and also how they interrelate with each other.

Sean is very passionate about his subjects and enjoys sharing this passion with others. Sean enjoys tutoring one-on-one because it provides an environment in which students can gain a comprehensive understanding of topics through lessons tailored to their specific strengths and weaknesses. Sean has an interactive teaching style and likes to supplement explanations with appropriate diagrams, graphs and flow charts.

Sean understands the struggle of encountering a new and often daunting topic. He believes students can achieve anything when they have the tools to break down concepts and approach them piece by piece. Sean’s ultimate goal as a tutor is helping equip students with the skills they need to become life long learners so they can approach and solve problems in any context. Sean is available to tutor NCEA Economics up to scholarship level, Mathematics to level three, Physics to level three, English to level three as well as level one Science. Sean is also able to tutor university Maths and Economics papers at 100 level.

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