Wellington Tutor

Samantha is a student at Victoria University pursuing a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Language Studies and German. Samantha specializes in tutoring English and languages. In high school, she was Co-Head Girl, Co-Dux, and Top Scholar in German. It’s for this reason she is passionate about tutoring: She is hyper-aware that with the right guidance, support, skillset, a student can achieve any goal they desire.

When tutoring Samantha breaks down large concepts into small, manageable pieces. This ensures that her students’ foundational knowledge is strong and thus, they can proceed to approach high-level concepts with confidence, independence, and skill.

Samantha also enjoys providing her students with templates and resources so that they can be independent learners outside of tutoring time. In her lessons, Samantha likes to create a supportive, fun, engaging learning environment, as it’s important to her that her students feel able to ask questions, make mistakes, and explore where their learning can take them.

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