Wellington Tutor

Riley (she/her) is a driven student studying at Victoria University of Wellington doing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Criminology and Geography. She enjoys learning about the world and relating math’s and scientific views and ideas to everyday life. She is able to tutor Calculus, Statistics, English and Geography all up to level 3. She really enjoys the challenges that can be faced within these subjects, trying her best to relate them and incorporate them into every day life for better understanding.

In her spare time, Riley enjoys reading, sailing, skateboarding, and swimming. She loves being outside and being active. Riley uses lots of visual and discussion-based teaching techniques such as, active recall, to help the student strengthen their knowledge and understanding. She likes to use real world examples so that the student can use these to help better their understanding towards the subject and relate it more to their interests. Riley is strives to be very patient and understanding of her students to create a engaging and supportive learning environment.

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