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Raaghav is a third year engineering student at Victoria University of Wellington majoring in Electronic & Computer systems. He has a love for maths and his passion emanates from him like warmth from a fireplace. Raaghav has found that a systematic and methodical approach to answering problems is highly beneficial, not only in studying but also in the real world, as it allows a person to see what they did to get to a solution and ways that they can improve.

Raaghav employs a demonstrative style of tutoring that involves proactive contribution from both the tutor and tutee; which results in maximum engagement from both parties, and develops the tutee’s learning skills and understanding of the subject. He has previously had one-on-one tutoring so he has an understanding of what it is like and also not only the impact it can have on a students’ learning, but also their outlook on life.

Raaghav is able to tutor mathematics at all levels of NCEA and also L3 Calculus.

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