Wellington Tutor

In 2021 Phoebe will be working on her postgraduate study in Classics at Victoria University. This will be her second year at IE, and she is excited to continue to the opportunity to tutor. She is keen to make the lessons inviting and fun, as she feels productive learning is fostered by a comfortable atmosphere.

Phoebe has always believed that tutoring presents her with the opportunity to help students find out how they learn best, empowering them to take charge of their own learning. Using the holistic skills that IE is built on, Phoebe wants to foster curiosity and joy in learning with students.

Outside of tutoring Phoebe spends her time doing a variety of hobbies. From art and social sport to academics she has learnt how a myriad of interests helps to build valuable life skills that she transfers to her tutoring. Phoebe endeavours to make tutoring an overwhelmingly positive experience for her students, using her own life and learning experience to achieve this.

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