Wellington Tutor

Molly currently attends Victoria University of Wellington, pursuing a Masters of Biomedical Science, with a particular focus on immunology. She hopes to pursue a career in scientific research focussed on human health and improving lives. Molly has a passion for science and maths and loves a challenging question and all the current unknowns in science.

Molly is confident in tutoring Maths, Chemistry and Biology. She approaches her teaching with enthusiasm and is focused on creating a supportive and engaging learning environment for students. Molly combines different tutoring methods for the most effective approach and likes to use a variety of strategies to ensure students have a comprehensive understanding of big-picture concepts.

She likes to ensure students develop a strong foundation when looking at unfamiliar or difficult content, including reviewing basic knowledge on the subject and breaking down larger concepts before tackling more complex ideas. Molly recognises the importance of developing effective strategies and skills with students so that they become confident in tackling challenging tasks as independent learners.

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