Wellington Tutor

Miriam is studying a BA at Victoria University, majoring in Philosophy and Religious Studies with a little bit of Anthropology thrown in for fun. She loves tutoring because it presents an opportunity for her to share her passion for learning with students who often view their education as a chore, not the privilege it should be.

She wants to help her students regain their natural curiosity about the world by facilitating questions and discussions and teach them to value the process of learning as much as the resulting grades. She thinks one-on-one tutoring is the perfect way to achieve this mindset as lessons can be tailored to suit the learning of each individual; it lets her provide overwhelmed students with as much time and help as they need to grasp a concept and create challenges for students that feel like school is not extending them enough.

Outside of studying and tutoring, Miriam fills her time with a range of different activities, from debating to rock climbing to cycle touring. While seemingly unrelated, this wide variety of activities has taught her several valuable skills that can also be applied to tutoring, like the fact that hard work is far more important than natural talent, and anyone can succeed if they are willing to try.

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