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Mattias is a sixth-year Biomedical Science and Biotechnology student at Victoria University of Wellington; he switched degrees from Software Engineering after feeling less inclined to make money and more inclined to provide a service to society, he views science and mathematics as pursuits of truth. Mattias understands the value of tutoring as he was inspired by a teacher-come-mentor to view mathematics and the scientific methods as tools to solve problems after many years of being frustrated with having a poor understanding of it by letting himself be confused by the numbers and never truly understanding the concepts.

Mattias loves to be challenged and find new ways of solving problems, whether it be an elegant solution or just one that works; he also spends a lot of time thinking about how he can learn better and more efficiently so he can learn more easily and spend time doing other things he loves. Outside of tutoring this passion manifests in his hobbies of skateboarding, programming, reading, and yoga and meditation which all require radically different mindsets to do well. In school he did a lot of debating and public speaking which has allowed him to develop the ability to communicate succinctly, he won the Auckland Regional United Nations Association of New Zealand speech competition on the role that education has to play in peace, travelling to Parliament to present his speech.

His tutoring style is wildly variable, he will try and adapt to the student, employing a variety of techniques he has developed over time after realising there is no correct way to learn, only styles that suit different applications. Mattias can tutor English, General Science, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics up to level 3.



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