Wellington Tutor

Macy (she/her) is an enthusiastic and friendly student currently studying for a conjoint degree in a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Law. She strives to inspire passion in the subjects she tutors by connecting with the student to create a friendly and open learning environment. In her spare time, she enjoys running and art.

She can tutor Biology, Chemistry, English, History and Classics up to Level 3 NCEA, and her teaching style is focused on student engagement with both the content and their own learning journey. She believes in the value of breaking down concepts into simple, digestible, and well-ordered chunks to make the topic understandable and approachable to students.

She prioritises looking at the subject as a whole and understanding its value. Macy is skilled in developing problem-solving techniques in her students so that they can effectively apply their knowledge not just in an exam context, but throughout other aspects of their life.

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