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Lucy is currently at Victoria University studying a conjoint degree with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Classical Studies. She enjoys both these subject areas due to the vast range of knowledge that can be collected, computed, and analysed in different ways. Lucy has always had a passion for mathematics, and from a young age, she has enjoyed working with numbers and patterns. This has evolved into high academic achievement throughout her thirteen years of schooling, leading to an interest in a career in academia and education. She believes that success is directly proportional to enjoyment in subject and work, and that confidence is key. Due to this belief, Lucy takes each challenge head on, and looks for ways she can relate to it, and find characteristics that appeal to her personality and interests, in order to be both successful and content with the quality of her work.

Lucy first encountered tutoring at high school when she was asked to privately tutor a struggling class mate, and also take part in a mathematics mentoring programme run by her high school maths department. She enjoyed reflecting on the mathematics she learnt throughout her years, and how it all began to culminate in high levels. Her love for mathematics lead her to pursuing a degree in physics, due to the relationship of physics and calculus, but this has not hindered her passion for history. Lucy experienced tutoring in a sense at high school when she would teach her history class mates in a wider setting, less one-on-one, more one-on-eight or so. This was a challenging and rewarding experience that solidified her love for knowledge and the sharing of knowledge. From these experiences in her past, Lucy has come to enjoy tutoring others, especially in a one-on-one format, as it is the most practical to ensure the student is benefitting from the practice. Lucy is readily engaged and enthusiatic in her chosen tutoring subjects, and hopes to share her bubbly personality with her students, to ensure enjoyment and success are achieved.

As a past Inspiration Education student, Lucy understands the requirement and success of the holistic model of learning, and she is prepared to not only teach content, but also aid in learning and study practice, as well as self-management, a concept very necessary for the modern high school student, especially those with many extracurriculars.

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