Wellington Tutor

Lily is currently a second-year student at Victoria University, studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Theatre and Education Psychology. Her interest in these subjects stems primarily from her curiosity about the surrounding world, and she enjoys being challenged to explore our society in both theoretical and practical ways.

Outside of her academics, she can be found pursuing her creative interests, including song-writing and musical theatre. Lily aims to encourage a growth-mindset in each of her students, supporting them in recognising their personal potential and building confidence in their academic abilities, and in turn, creating a positive attitude towards subject content and their own learning. She believes that covering basic skills and building a thorough foundational knowledge is most effective way of tackling difficult concepts, alongside the use of visual techniques including diagrams and mind-maps, in order to keep content dynamic and engaging. She is however aware that each student is an unique, and is able to adapt her tutoring style in order to tailor lessons to individual needs.

Her nurturing personality and empathetic approach towards her students enables them to feel relaxed and comfortable sharing their concerns, vulnerabilities regarding subject matter or external factors which are potentially influential upon their learning. Lily is eager to make a beneficial contribution to each of her students’ learning and hopes to have a positive impact on both their present and future education.

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