Wellington Tutor

Lenny is a student born and raised in Wellington and is currently in his third year studying towards a Bachelor of Building Science with a major in Sustainable Engineering Systems at Victoria University. He enjoys interacting with people of all sorts of backgrounds and personalities.

He feels very strongly about education and acknowledges that although the system worked well for him and he excelled in subjects like Maths and Science, it doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes it feels like school only cares about you getting enough points to get into university, but there’s so much more to education than that, and university isn’t the only path to success. Education allows us to learn about ourselves and others and to build an understanding of the universe. It leads to so much more than just knowledge or a career. It provides the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle all sorts of problems throughout our lives. He also understands from personal experience what it’s like to feel ignored in class, to fly under the teacher’s radar because you’re not a top student or a troublemaker.

Tutoring to Lenny means doing my part to improve the experience of education for students and helping to restore a love of learning in those who have been disillusioned by the system. He’ll discuss my students’ short and long term goals and try to frame his teaching in a way that supports those goals.

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