Wellington Tutor

Katherine is currently pursuing a conjoint degree consisting of a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physics. Katherine enjoys the critical and analytical thinking skills that these subjects develop and strongly values encouraging others to find their own interests in such wide fields.

Katherine is able to tutor Physics and Maths. In her free time, Katherine enjoys playing lacrosse, keeping active, spending time with friends, and volunteering with Barnados. Katherine enjoys one-on-one tutoring as it presents an opportunity to uniquely tailor teaching methods and learning pace for each student. There is also the chance to have a more response based style where she is able to adjust her teaching ways according to the student response.

Katherine really enjoys helping students build confidence in their abilities and encourages them to be independent learners. She loves being a part of that ‘lightbulb moment’ when a student fully grasps a concept/idea they had been previously struggling with. Katherine likes to firstly break the concepts down into smaller and more approachable segments, and then begin to work collaboratively with her students to comprehend the learning material and develop a strong understanding. She believes that a strong foundation is the key to learning and mastering the greater skills of a new concept. This could include revising key terms and basic concepts before delving into longer and more complex processes.

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