Wellington Tutor

Josh is currently in his second year at Victoria University, studying Law and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations and Development Studies. Josh has always been interested in geopolitics and the world around him: other countries, histories and cultures (which has always proved handy in the pub quiz) – Josh likes to encourage his students to be curious also. Outside of study, Josh has a strong interest in the arts – including theatre, singing, film, creative writing and publicspeaking.

You might also catch him hobbling up to the University gym to try and keep in shape. Josh really values the one-on-one approach to tutoring. Often in a school environment, he believes students can get a bit ‘swallowed up’ in the group. They may be too scared to ask the ‘dumb questions’ or there may not be the time available to help a student unlock how to really extend themselves.

Josh’s approach is to engage with the student to identify any missing links or ‘road blocks.’ He also takes quite a structured approach to help students to confidently tackle their topic. This includes identifying the key requirements for the task (which can often be missed), nailing the foundational concepts and then developing a
framework (e.g. headings, bullet pointing key ideas) to help students to get started. Ultimately Josh aims to build his students confidence in themselves and to share and cultivate his love of learning with them. Josh wants his students to feel supported – comfortable to ask questions and make mistakes. Being able to have a good laugh also never goes amiss in making learning enjoyable. Josh is available to tutor English andHumanities up to Level 3 and Chemistry up to Level 2.

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