Wellington Tutor
Connor is a fifth year studying his Master of Science, able to tutor Maths and Physics. He competes in floorball (indoor hockey) and ballroom dancing, and in his down time likes to read, write and play games. Understanding how things work is both important and fascinating to Connor, and it is his desire to understand the way the universe works that has led him to study the sciences – this curiosity is something he hopes to unlock in his students.

Connor understands the frustration of working on something without understanding the point of it, so he likes to lead with the bigger picture before getting into the finer details. He also does his best to present information in as digestible a way as possible, using diagrams or worked examples wherever he can, as well as working beyond just the content in order to teach studying and time management techniques. Having worked for three semesters as a tutor at Victoria, Connor hopes to continue helping to see students succeed, and especially loves the warm feeling you get when a student says you’ve made a real difference to their learning.

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