Wellington Tutor

Currently in her first year studying Physics and Music under a BSc, Catherine loves how both of these subjects foster a critical and creative view of the world.

She is able to tutor Calculus, Physics, Music, and French up to Level 3, and English up to NZ Scholarship Level. She really enjoys the challenges that these subjects can present, and loves how each of these subjects can unlock a new level of thinking about the world around us.

In her spare time, Catherine enjoys boxing, songwriting, music production, and stargazing. Catherine thinks one-on-one tutoring is incredibly beneficial because it gives the student time to ask about things they struggle with, and it allows them to receive detailed answers. She thinks that often times school doesn’t provide the individualised help that most students need, but one-on-one tutoring provides a space for students to cultivate an enjoyment in their subjects, while also achieving their goals.

Catherine believes tutoring can benefit every student, no matter where they are in their educational journey. She wants to provide her students with the skills they can use throughout the rest of their lives, so that they can gain the confidence to learn anywhere, even without a tutor.

Catherine uses evidence-based techniques such as active recall in her tutoring to strengthen the student’s knowledge of the subject. She uses real-world examples, and visual diagrams to ensure her students fully understand, and to get them thinking outside of the box in every day life. Catherine strives to stay compassionate and patient with her students, allowing them to stay connected, and engaged.

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