Cara A

Wellington Tutor

Cara is currently studying psychology, anthropology, and Maori at Victoria University. She is thoroughly enjoying these topics as they challenge her to think about people and the social world in deep and interesting ways. She has always been enthusiastic about any kind of learning, but especially enjoys subjects that involve exploring a wide range of ideas. Cara can tutor English, Maths, Statistics, Science, Biology, Music, Health, Physical Education, and general study skills.

Cara has always loved spending time one-on-one with children and young people, having previously worked as a youth worker and academic support person in a high school in the south island. The advantages of one-on-one tutoring for Cara is that it opens up an incredible opportunity to develop a strong, effective tutor-student relationship so that the student really feels cared for, heard and understood, and so that Cara can continuously adapt her teaching to suit the student.

Cara believes strongly in fostering a sense of fun into learning and study, as well as incorporating the ideas of the holistic model. In her lessons, she puts huge focus into the student’s ‘whole person’, considering all aspects of the student’s life, personality, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and experiences. She feels that this is the way to fully identify issues in learning and to help the student to develop life-long strategies to overcome those issues and any others that may arise in the future.

Cara likes to keep her lessons varied and interesting, introducing a wide range of activities and learning strategies to keep the student’s learning fun, versatile, and effective long-term.

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