Wellington Tutor

 Bree is currently studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biotechnology at Victoria University. Bree is passionate about studying science and has always held a curiosity towards how systems or structures within the scientific field operate. The idea of researching and enhancing medical technology fuels her study. Bree is able to tutor Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (Calculus) up to NCEA level 3.

Outside of study, Bree enjoys swimming or playing any water sports, baking with her siblings and participating in cultural or community events. Bree enjoys tutoring because she values the individual needs of the student’s learning. She believes that investing time to adjust the method and pace of teaching to fit the student’s learning will help the student progress. Bree finds it rewarding when student’s become confident in their learning and are able to share a curiosity and passion towards the subject. She finds that this will reflect well in their exams and tests but more importantly when they pursue a career or goal after high school.

Bree has a collaborative approach when teaching so that the student appreciates the process at which they arrive at the answer. When teaching a complex concept, she will always breaks down the concept to ideas that are easier to digest and will build the student’s learning from that foundation. Bree is also adaptive to how she teaches based on what works best with the student, whether it be drawing diagrams or teaching a concept using different scenarios that the student can relate to.

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