Wellington Tutor

Allie is in her second year studying a Bachelor of Science at Victoria University of Wellington, double majoring in Cell and Molecular Bioscience, and Ecology and Biodiversity. She loves how these subjects allow her to study from both a detailed and big picture perspective. She is able to tutor Biology and Chemistry as well as Level 1 Science. In her spare time, Allie enjoys music, theatre and reading.

She is enthusiastic and supportive. Allie believes that one-on-one tutoring is extremely valuable as it provides students with learning at their own pace that can be adapted to their interests and personality. She thinks schools do not allow enough exploration of ideas through discussion. Her teaching style emphasises the ways ideas link together, and she uses diagrams or examples where possible to visualise concepts. Allie wants her students to feel connected and engaged in sessions. She aims to provide students with skills they can use to build confidence in their ability to learn and study independently

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