Wellington Tutor

Aidan is currently pursuing a conjoint degree of Commerce and Law at Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Economics, Mathematics and Law. He loves learning about the structures that make up our society, whether that be markets or constitutions, alongside finding neat solutions to Mathematics or programming problems. He is able to tutor Mathematics, Physics and Economics.

In terms of his free time, he enjoys fitness, debating and reading. Tutoring to Aidan is about addressing all the problems a student has with their learning, and fixing foundational issues students have with the way they learn and their surroundings when doing so. He loves to see his students improve their study skills and confidence so they can have a more enjoyable education. He notes how the one-on-one format is very reactive, which allows for immediate adjustments to be made in the content and teaching method, compared to lecturing students at a whiteboard.

He also likes how tutoring allows him to empower students with the learning and study skills that can help them truly excel and find enjoyment in any academic pursuit. Aidan likes to come prepared with multiple approaches and ways of explaining different concepts. He finds its often best to break concepts down to be explained individually, alongside focusing on the big picture to see how everything fits together. He is a heavy believer in visual aids, so he uses relevant diagrams and images to help accelerate learning and make it easier.

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