Wellington Tutor

Aidan is currently studying in his third year for Bachelor of Science at Victoria University of Wellington with a double major in Chemistry and Biotechnology. He is particularly passionate about the Biological sciences and is aiming for a career of research in the field. He can tutor any level of General Science, and Chemistry and Biology up to Level 3.

He is mildly introverted but very friendly and supportive and enjoys making connections with like minded people, and communicating the beauty of nature to anyone who will listen. His teaching style is very systematic and structured, working by assessing gaps in the student knowledge from past years and topics and breaking the curriculum down into manageable steps to provide a string of small victories. The student is then put in the teachers shoes and asked to explain in as much detail as possible the concepts of the topic. By doing this they can easily assess for themselves where any gaps may be and how to work on them and gain confidence in putting their information into both spoken and written words.

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