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Vinod is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Law (Hons) conjoined with a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Psychology and International Relations and a Graduate Certificate in Population Studies. He is looking to work as a Human Rights lawyer, advocating for those in the world who don’t have a voice. Vinod has always been passionate about how society operates and he appreciates the problems facing it.

He is a keen tutor and eager to spread his knowledge and enthusiasm for the Social Science and Science subjects he will be tutoring. He is available to tutor History from NCEA levels 1-3, Geography from NCEA levels 1-3, Biology from NCEA levels 1-3, Earth and Space Science from levels 2-3, English from Levels 1-3, Science for NCEA level 1, Health from NCEA levels 1-3, Legal Studies from NCEA levels 1-3 and junior (Year 9-10) Social Studies and Science.

Vinod is passionate about learning and tutoring gives him the opportunity to pass on his skills and knowledge to help others fulfill their educational goals. Vinod left high school in 2016 and thus is acquainted with the NCEA system and methods to be able to achieve within this new educational framework. He appreciates the support required by students in all levels to achieve to the best of their ability.

Vinod’s tutoring style depends on the preference of his students and their needs; he varies his tutoring style to match. He likes utilising modern technology concurrently with traditional methods to tutor. He is a firm believer in holistic education; looking at a student in their entirety rather than just an object that absorbs information. He believes that a tutor should focus on all aspects of a student such as study skills, mental health and time management, rather than just being content-driven. He believes it is important to attain a strong base of knowledge first and then go on to attain higher levels of understanding in a topic as then, students are more confident in their base ability. He hopes to enable students to achieve to the best of their ability and gain all the successes that they desire.

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