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Siyuan is a second year student at the University of Waikato, studying toward a Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry. In the future, Siyuan hopes to continue study and research in the chemical and biochemical fields. He enjoys learning about the world, and finds that the sciences are particularly appealing because they provide the fundamentals behind how everything works and how people can use that knowledge.

Siyuan is available to tutor Maths, Science, Chemistry, Physics and Economics. Siyuan is very passionate about empowering students by helping them improve. He believes that to do this effectively, all factors that affect a student’s education should be taken into account. In addition to clear explanations and checking a student’s understanding, Siyuan hopes to help students improve their study skills and organisation. As a recent student of the NCEA system, he understands what is expected in assessments but is also sure to draw on his own knowledge to teach the context of the subjects and inspire interest in them.

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