Hamilton Tutor

Melissa is a graduate from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics. She is currently taking a break from study but plans to return for postgraduate study in maths, engineering, or politics. In her spare time, Melissa likes to learn languages, do creative writing, and get out on her bike.

Melissa understands the challenge of technical subjects such as mathematics and physics as these are subjects that she did not grasp until the end of her high school career. Traditional schooling tends to focus on using formulas and rules (the “how”) instead of the underlying mechanics (the “why”). Her aim in tutoring is to install an intuitive understanding on these subjects so that new problems can be approached independently and confidently.

Melissa understands that different students have different needs and is committed to approaching tutoring in a way that best helps students. She prides herself on being approachable, friendly, and flexible.

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