Hamilton Tutor

Megan is a first year student at the University of Waikato, studying a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. She has loved mathematics her whole life, and is excited about becoming a programmer in the new world of technology.

She loves sharing her passion for learning with others and is always looking for the next challenging opportunity around the corner. Often spending time volunteering, playing badminton and going out into nature; Megan loves to be a part of the world. Megan can confidently tutor Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Her overall goal is for students to develop and grow their learning skills, understanding of the subjects, and their own self-confidence to take pride in what they can achieve. This involves focusing on each student individually, finding ways to effectively teach new concepts, and adapt the style to suit the unique needs and abilities.  Setting goals and viewing them as her own, always looking from the student’s perspective to support and cheer them on. Megan has always been fascinated by the subjects she choose to learn and wishes sharing that same experience with students.

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