Hamilton Tutor

Liam is a fourth year engineering student at the University of Waikato majoring in Civil Engineering. He enjoys engineering as it applies the theory and skill learnt in mathematics and physics to a practical situation. Growing up as the youngest in a family of six, Liam has developed a broad range of interests and is always looking to discover how concepts link into a bigger picture. Liam also has a strong interest in the field of business and economics, a subject he excelled in at school. He has a passion for outdoor pursuits, such as mountain biking, skiing and tramping, as well as the sports of football and cricket.

Liam is able to tutor calculus, statistics, and physics up to Level 3 and general mathematics. Liam enjoys looking for ways to inspire and motivate others to continue learning and be inquisitive about the world around them. In particular, Liam enjoys working with senior students to help them prepare for life after high school.

He finds that one-on-one tutoring provides the perfect platform for him to do this, as he can target students learning needs and impart upon them the knowledge and skills to be an independent learner. Liam is enjoys looking for ways of taking the NCEA syllabus and giving it some wider context, so that the student can gain a more holistic understanding of the subject. He believes that when a student questions and begins to understand the “how” and “why” of topic, they enjoy it more and are intrinsically motivated to continue learning.

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