Hamilton Tutor

Kaleb is passionate about science, having studied Chemistry at the University of Waikato. Originally from the Bay of Plenty, Kaleb developed his passion for science while attending high school and is able to tutor NCEA Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics from Levels 1 to 3.

Kaleb enjoys the complex nature of science and the problem solving that is often involved in learning new concepts. Knowing the challenges that can arise in the classroom, Kaleb understands the need to tailor lessons to a student’s individual learning style by incorporating a variety of teaching methods. Kaleb likes to connect concepts to real life examples to make sense of new ideas through our existing knowledge of the world. Having completed NCEA Level 3 in 2016, Kaleb understands what is required of students to reach their full potential in both internal and external assessments.

He believes it is important to teach not only the subject content covered in assessments, but the skills necessary for exam preparation and study that will last throughout high school as well as further education.

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