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Jenny is currently in her fourth year, studying towards a Bachelor of Science (BSC)/Bachelor of Arts conjoint, majoring in Biological Science, Environmental Science and English. Jenny will enroll in a Master of Science in 2020, where she hopes to be involved in research in the fields of genetics and evolution. At the end of her studies, Jenny plans to teach her passion subjects to eager students at university level while simultaneously contributing to science research. Jenny has always been passionate about the sciences and wants to be able to share this with others. Being truly interested in a subject is one of the best ways to learn, Jenny believes she can help you with this.

Jenny can tutor general science, Biology, Chemistry, Health, Media Studies and English. Jenny enjoys tutoring because it allows her to pass on her love for her passion subjects, while simultaneously helping students achieve their goals. She enjoys working with all types of students and loves a challenge. Jenny understands what it is like to not understand concepts and believes she can use this to better relate and empathize with students while overcoming blocks in their learning.

She enjoys the sense of accomplishment when students can move past problem areas and build up their confidence in learning. In Jenny’s spare time, she is often found reading and writing a variety of material such as creative and science related or taking care of her plants. Jenny is easy to approach and easy to talk to about any problem you might have. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will help you find it. Jenny’s tutoring style would be defined as fluid, in the way that she will change her methods based on the student and will easily adapt to reasonable requests from the student and or parent.

Jenny believes there is a lot more to learning than the process of understanding or memorising content. She will also help you learn skills and techniques such as time-management, as well as understanding content. Thus, when you go away into the world, you will take more than just good grades.

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