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Caitlynn is currently in her first year of studies at Waikato University. She is studying towards a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry, and Molecular and Cellular Biology. She is thoroughly enjoying her first year, and everything she is studying, as she has a genuine passion for Science and Maths. Her goal is to one day be a Secondary Teacher, as she loves teaching other people, and interacting with students.

Caitlynn can confidently tutor Maths, Science, Biology and Chemistry. She is very friendly, and prides herself on her empathetic nature. She believes in patience while tutoring, and puts an emphasis on goal setting, and planning. In her spare time, Caitlynn loves to get outdoors and be active, and also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

One of her personal goals in tutoring, is to help the student feel more confident in not only their knowledge, but in their study skills and within themselves. She is aware that each student is different and will have different learning needs, therefore, she is flexible in her tutoring, and is committed to tutor in the way that best suits the student. Caitlynn understands the importance of seeing the bigger picture and context of what you are learning, and she works hard to bring this through in lessons. Caitlynn is organised and well prepared, and works to maintain a healthy and positive relationship between herself, the student, and parents. She hopes to inspire students and enable them to feel more confident in their studies.

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