Hamilton Tutor

Alex is currently in his third year at Waikato University, studying a BSc with a double major in Ecology and Biodiversity, and Psychology, and a minor in Animal Behaviour. Originally from Australia, Alex moved to New Zealand in 2017 to complete Highschool in Auckland. He is passionate about the environment, and one of his dreams is to eventually end up working in a zoo or wildlife organsation, raising awareness for endangered and threatened species. In his spare time,

Alex likes to write, read and occasionally draw or paint. Alex can confidently tutor Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English all up to level 3. Being recently out of highschool himself, Alex knows the NCEA system, and is passionate about all of the subjects he teaches. By making sure that students understand concepts as part of a whole, Alex hopes to foster a genuine love of learning and the subject itself in students. He believes that education can take people anywhere they want to go, and wants to develop student’s dreams through education.

Alex knows through experience that teachers can’t cater to every students needs, and hopes to be flexible in his tutoring in a way that allows the student to feel their concerns are being listened to and understood.

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