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Adam is in his second year of studying towards a Bachelor of Management Studies with Honors at the University of Waikato. He is majoring in Strategic Management with minors in Agribusiness and Economics. After completing his degree, Adam is looking to travel for a year, and return with the hope of using his studies to pursue a career in the New Zealand Agricultural and Agribusiness sector. Through his education at Napier Boys’ High School, Adam has gained NCEA study experience to tutor in all levels of Economics, Biology Chemistry and Business, along with English and Maths to Level 2.

Adam sees this one-on-one tutoring situation as a great opportunity to get the most out of students in an environment where they are comfortable to share their difficulties and work together to overcome them, as opposed to a larger student to teacher ratio at school. Throughout his schooling life, Adam had leadership roles and taken part in a lot of extra-curricular sport to high levels. From this, Adam also has experience with how busy High School life can be and will look to support students in organising their study priorities with wider school life in mind.

Adam believes that each student has a different way in which they best learn and strives to provide varying techniques to unlock each students potential. He seeks to work together with students to improve knowledge together, in a cohesive and cooperative way. Furthermore, Adam likes to take NCEA concepts and apply them to real world situations, to make studying more relevant and relatable for all students.

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